The global pandemic caused much uncertainty across multiple industries, leaving stakeholders in the dark about the status and future plans of organizations. Realizing the importance of being transparent with customers, partners and shareholders, Riyad Bank stayed connected with the market through its investor relations team.

The primary objective of the Investor Relations Department at Riyad Bank is to effectively communicate to current and potential investors its determination to optimize returns on their investment through sustained and prudent growth and provide them with a full awareness of the Bank’s activities, strategy and future aspirations. This provides them with the ability to make informed investment decisions, enhancing their confidence in the Bank and its Board of Directors. Through sound investor relations, the Bank improves the financial and non-financial disclosure of the Bank and enables current investors to exercise their rights related to communication with the company and its Board of Directors.

The Bank remains committed to providing a balanced view of the fundamentals of its operating results, financial condition and future aspirations. This report gives investors a comprehensive and integrated view of our operations and our achievements in this challenging year.

The Banks shareholder structure, including the major shareholders are as shown below:

Throughout the past five years the Riyad Bank share price fluctuation was upward trending. The Bank follows a multi-faceted approach to engage with its shareholders, following the Bank’s new strategy and activating different communication channels with current and potential investors. In addition to providing information through the Bank’s website, the Investor Relations Department also uses the application “Riyad Bank IR”.

Download the Investor Relations application of Riyad Bank

The Bank organized several meetings in 2020, which included the presence of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management, to discuss the Bank’s performance during the pandemic and answer investor inquiries, including:

  • Shareholders General Assembly Meeting.
  • Four earnings calls with detailed information on quarterly financial results of 2020.
  • Five investor interviews via the means of modern communication technology.


In addition, the Bank participated in 18 international and local conferences during the year under review, including:

  • JP Morgan CEEMA Opportunities Conference
  • Bank of America conference
  • Goldman Sachs European Financial Conference
  • EFG Hermes Virtual Investor Conference
  • JP Morgan 2020 MENA Opportunities in Investment Forum
  • Arqaam Capital Investors Conference in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Morgan Stanley 11th conference in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Bank of America Middle East and North Africa Conference


Due to the investor relations activities done during the year under review, the Bank received exposure in the local and international markets, recording a year-on-year increase of foreign investors from 7.82% to 8.94% at 31 December 2020.