Affiliate company
Capital in riyals
Total number
of shares *
The main activity
State of
The country
of activity
Riyad Capital Company 500,000,000 50,000,000 100% Carrying out trading activities as principal and agent, underwriting, establishing and managing of investment funds and portfolios, in addition to arranging and providing advice, custody services for securities, portfolio management and trading. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Ithraa Riyadh Real Estate Company 10,000,000 1,000,000 100% Keeping and managing assets provided by clients as guarantees, selling and buying real estate, for the financing purposes for which the company was established. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Insurance Agency 500,000 50,000 100% Acts as selling agent for insurance products, owned and managed by another major insurance company. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Curzon Street Properties Limited 10,248 2,000 100% A company established for the special purpose of owning real estate. Isle of Man United kingdom
Riyadh Financial Markets Company 187,500 50,000 100% Carrying out derivative transactions and repurchase agreements with international parties on behalf of Riyad Bank. Cayman Islands Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Assnad Company for Human Resources 500,000 One cash share 100% Providing operational human resources services exclusively for Riyad Bank and its subsidiaries. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

* Represents the total number of shares issued; Except for the Riyadh Financial Markets Company; One share was issued and the Bank is holding it.

The following is a breakdown of the subsidiaries:

1. Riyad Capital Company

2. Ithraa Riyadh Real Estate Company

3. Riyadh Insurance Agency

4. Curzon Street Properties Limited

5. Riyadh Financial Markets Company

6. Riyadh Assnad Company for Human Resources

Foreign branches and representative offices

The Bank, through its overseas branches in London and Houston, and the representative office in Singapore, is keen to provide banking solutions to its customers and meet their needs in the regions of its presence.

These branches provide advice; on creating investment opportunities and commercial businesses inside the Kingdom, and it plays a positive role in promoting trade in the Kingdom, as well as taking care of the interests of the Bank's investment clients abroad.

The London branch provides its clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their overseas branches with banking services specifically designed to support European investments in industry and private investment sectors. Riyad Bank is unique in providing its banking services at the level of Saudi banks in the Americas through the Houston agency.

As for the representative office in Singapore, it assists clients in exploiting investment opportunities in the Asian continent, and developing relations with correspondent banks and Asian companies that carry out commercial activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.