In 2018, Riyad Bank launched a five-year transformation strategy (2018 – 2022) with a vision to be the most innovative and most reliable bank by helping its partners and the society achieve their aspirations by being the most reliable and attentive financial partner. To achieve this goal, we redefined our values to create the appropriate environment to achieve this vision; the newly defined values are: we care, win, and work together. Thus, we became focused on the interests and needs of our customers and worked to meet their financial needs, while increasing our focus on developing the capabilities of our people to exceed customer expectations. In order to excel and meet the challenges head on, we pledge to take responsibility for our actions and to work with enthusiasm, credibility, transparency and clarity.

This strategy is based on four main pillars, namely:

During the past three years, Riyad Bank has made great progress in its endeavour to achieve its strategic objectives, consolidate its position in the Saudi banking sector, increase its market share, raise its value as one of the strongest brands in the Kingdom, and develop its technical infrastructure and digital capabilities. The Bank has also advanced in the Work Environment Index and Organization Health Index (OHI) to become one of the institutions ranked in the top quartile within a short period of time. Accordingly, the Bank's customer base, total annual earnings, and deposit and loan rate have grown by a large margin for the period of 2017 – 2019, compared to its peers.

Cognizant of the significant challenges that have occurred in the economic and business environment in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and its impact on supply chains, a sharp decline in global and domestic demand for products and services, the drop in oil prices, continuing low interest rates and increased value tax, the Bank has decided that it is appropriate to review the Bank’s strategic plan. Accordingly, Riyad Bank launched the second phase of its strategy for the period 2021 – 2025, taking into account several scenarios, that anticipates the effects of COVID-19, the expected economic impact of the Government incentive programmes, and the Bank’s continued contribution towards Vision 2030.

The new strategy, which revolves around meeting customers’ needs centres on a number of targets designed to ensure that Riyad Bank becomes the best bank in the Kingdom by 2025. These targets include becoming:

The new strategy also includes three main pillars: